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Jiangsu Haili Wind Power Equipment Technology Co., Ltd(Haili), founded in August 2009, is one production-oriented enterprise, as a professional manufacturer of wind turbine tower and offshore wind turbine jacket platform. Total investment 280 million RMB(China Yuan),  registered capital of 130 million yuan. The company locates in Rudong(Jiangsu Province) Economic Development Zone, with the most investment potential area of Yangtze River Delta Area, covers an area of 200 acres and includes factories more than 30000 square meters.

Haili has more than 200 sets manufacturing and testing machinery of wind power equipment, such as CNC flame plasma cutting machine, milling machine, 80 × 3600 hydraulic universal rolling machine, automatic welding operate machine, laths, 100T gantry crane, 50T lane,  material testing machine, impact testing machine, infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer,  spectrophotometer, V-shaped specimen projector, laser range finder, laser theodolite, laser evaluation instrument, ray detection machine, magnetic particle inspection machine, eliminate stress vibration analyzer, measuring thickness instrument, weld tester etc.

Haili had set up engineering technology research center, established a long-term research, education and production partnership with many institutes and universities such as Hydrochina Huadong Engineering Corporation, Baosteel Engineering Design Institute, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University etc. The company has two patents and 24 utility model patents. It was identified as the national high-tech enterprise in 2012, become National SME Innovation Fund Project Unit and Jiangsu Province Industrial Technology Support Program implementation unit. Offshore wind turbine foundation jacket got certificate of high-tech products of Jiangsu Province in 2010 and offshore wind turbine bearing platform jacket got certificate of high-tech products of Jiangsu Province in 2012, and Nantong City Science Progress Award of 2012, is the first set major equipment product in Jiangsu Province. Gets 4 related patents of wind turbine steel structure bearing platform, having ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management Certification, ISO140001: 2004 Environmental Management Certification, GBT28001-2011 Employee Health Management Certification,Grade Two Pressure Vessel Qualification Certification and Enterprise Safety Production Permit. Formulated two enterprise standards of  offshore wind farm wind turbine bearing steel structure platform, Q/320623acx01-2010 and Q/320623 ACX 02-2012. The company also became the unit which formulating the standard of Wind Power Industry Alliance manufacturing the tower tube, got AAA certification of contract abiding enterprise of Nantong City,  banking credit rating AAA. 

Since the Haili inception, adhering for customers wanting, concentrating on working, continuing innovating, established close business relationship with national and international well-known wind power companies and its design units, construction units, such as Baosteel Engineering Design Institute, Datang Electricity,Hydrochina Huadong Engineering Corporation, China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited, China General Nuclear Power Group, China Huaneng, China Huadian, Sinohydro, China Guohua, China MCC 17 Group, Co., Ltd, China State Construction Harbour Construction Co., Ltd, CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Company Ltd, CCCC Third Harbour Engineering Company Ltd, Vestas Wind System A/S and America GE Etc. This made Hailis wind power equipment market continuing expanding, and with the strong support of  Rudong County Commission and Government, Sheyang Commission and Government, the company formated of a strategic partnership with Rudong New Energy Project Company and Sheyang County Development and Reform Commission. As of now, The company has been successfully provided more than 300 sets qualified wind turbine tower,  15 sets offshore wind turbine steel structure base bearing platform (jacket) and 5 sets offshore wind tower for wind power investment enterprises, such as Longyuan Wind Power Co., Ltd(Rudong), Jiangsu Longyuan Offshore Wind Power  Co., Ltd, Longyuan Zhoushan Wind Power  Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Guoxin Dongling Wind Power  Co., Ltd, CSIC(Chongqing) Haizhuang Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd,  China Sinohydro,  Dong Fang Turbine Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Kexiao Wind Power Investment Development Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Donghai Dejia Wind Power Co., Ltd, China Huaneng International, Envisioncn etc, all of the products got the unanimous praise of users.

After more than four years hard working, Haili has formed an annual output of 300 sets wind turbine tower and 150 sets of offshore wind jackets production capacity. Continuing innovation is the core driving force of our company development, we will expand investments in technology research and development team,  further on with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao Institute of Marine Research, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Jiangsu Polytechnic University and other famous universities, research institutes to establish research cooperation base, for providing strong technical support to make the company becoming more bigger and stronger and products higher quality!
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