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Technical analysis of the existing large wind turbine investment value is not high five causes

Recently the state has wind power equipment listed as, excess capacity, industry, but facing the urgent situation of energy saving and emission reduction and climate change, in the face of wind power shortage power share 1% of the total nationalpower generation (so far the national large-scale wind power installed total also however tens of thousands), in the face of wide abundant, wind energy resources andrenewable the energy in the field of the most development space, potential of the species, the wind power equipment industry has sprung up in any case should not bea column object, so we do not difficult to decipher the another level of meaning: the state of the art market of large-scale wind power equipment is not satisfied, not satisfied with the appearance of excess production capacity?

Indeed, in the current construction of large-scale wind power, high cost, low effect,multiple faults, less functional, expand to all relevant aspects have long complained about and accepted 5 big realistic representation, which is also the constitution of wind power capacity of 5 main causes of representation and investment value is nothigh, because of the difficulty of being investors approval for forming excess capacity,and through these representations can be from a technical analysis of the existing large wind turbine overall morphology and structure of causal genetic answersdirectly, some causal relationship between the cause and can form cross compound,namely: a cause can lead to multiple image display or is affected. To further expand;vice versa, an image can be formed by multiple causes, it is difficult to completely byPara subdivision clearly, following on from the causal relationship between the mainidea and structure of the analysis on a summary:

Technical analysis of high cost of 1

Regardless of wind turbine any morphological types of folk songs, folk songs, the effective area and in the unit area can be formed by wind wind wind power intensity and position can drive the rotating arm formation is to decide the size of the wind wheel is the direct cause of high and low capacity.

From the existing form of large scale wind turbine blades on the wind power, is theangle of attack, so the blade to form more design and format specifications of large,integrated and using long amplification of single wind wheel blade length can be formed by the effective way to increase the wind area is very limited, to set a singlewind wheel blade design great wind area;

From the long leaf weight and wind output area and wind force distribution patterns of view, the existing large blade close to the weight of 50-60% is concentrated in theblade root or close to the root part and part also presents circular, the main role is tosupport the formation of long blade root, not able to form a power function and the wind area, away from the main shaft can be formed in a large rotating arm leads to the formation of the real effective rotary torque tip is so small (the physics of torque (M) topromote the object rotation force (F) multiplied by the distance to the shaft lever (L): M = F.

Visible, the diameter of wind wheel does not lead to the formation of the corresponding ratio of large capacity, so it is difficult to form an effective power designgreatly improved (this also led to one of the causes of low efficiency, expand hard).And the comprehensive cost of equipment capacity can not be in the form of largeequipment condition must be high, because of the existing equipment of large-scale wind power structure is complex, so that each unit to form the various aspects of thesupport structure, function, regulation and control, transmission equipment with allready.

2 Effect of the technology of low origin

In wind strength under the same conditions, the current large-scale wind power singleblade long increase direct results of design will lead to reduce the wind wheel rotation speed, leading to gear box transmission ratio increase, long blade will also lead toobvious tower effect and the vibration effect;

Leaf blade length increase necessary structural strength to strengthen its blade rootdesign, it will lead to huge volume weight of leaf [current 1.5-2 MW leaves reached about 18t; and 3 MW has reached 30t; while the 5 MW 10 megawatts, according to the inertia of thinking should be 50t], because due to inertia and will result in low wind speed conditions to start rotating blade driving overweight, so it is hard to form moreinvestment income of space-time.

In addition, the regulation of single is another important reason of low efficiency of the idea, because of increased wind in nature moment immediately adopt regulationKaplan purging air and will result in the loss of wind moment increase profitability,especially in 3-5 million -10 watts and above design power will be more obvious.

Technical analysis of multi Genesis 3 fault

The overall design of the existing form of large scale wind turbine due to its complexcontrol requirements, variety, even extending to each blade wind profile at any timeregulation, regulation mechanism, structure and components of demand, resulting in an increased chance of failure; and its overall design form and lead to demands for itsquality and ability category the specifications of materials and manufacturing in mostparts of the has been greatly exceeded the average mechanical equipment parts, nonexpensive imported products and be able to do, and this is the cause of the high cost of. Higher than the design requirements of the large amplitude of large-scale wind turbine gear box rotating speed slows down to drive is also formed causes fault high(complex structure and is one of the leading causes of high cost).

In addition, compared with the technology Chinese birthplace, cold, wind, high strength high strength application environment sunlight directly for long suspensionarm wind wheel blades (polymer) in connection with the mechanical structure and its durability application greater threat (even in technical

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