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Our company held a meeting to promote the quarterly production

Shad right general manager held a senior management meeting of cadres in the morning, the meeting informed the company this year operation, clearly the companys wind power equipment production base four (Haili, Hai Ling, Ling Jie, Zhou), for the next phase of the land, the sea wind power equipment task to do a specific distribution, and puts forward the requirements and time node; elaborated between production and technology, production and quality inspection, quality inspection technology and promote each other, the intrinsic relationship, improve together, especially in the task of producing heavy, time tight, the turnover of capital goods will be demanding situation must be of one heart and one mind, one around the market demand, the plant according to the technical specification, quality standard, go to all lengths to complete each stage of production task. The meeting also smoke problem of material production of the installation of ventilation equipment, the purchase of anti-dust masks, to strengthen ventilation measures. At the end of the meeting, to further implement the safety production responsibility, requires periodic inspection of the gantry crane and slings and other equipment, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong.

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